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What You Need To Know 

Natural Talent Policies & Procedures 

Scholarship Recipients 

Service Acknowledgement:

The Service you are receiving with scholarship is CLASS LESSONS for dance, fitness, music, arts & crafts and or a limited selection of youth programming in which may combined thus classes. Limited to: Summer Clubs, Winter Spring Break Clubs in which are considered day camps). 

Taking class lessons do not automatically make you a part of a performance group/club. Additional requirements and fees apply for the performance teams/club/company.


Your service fee is paying for lessons not team participation. 

There is an additional cost for; uniforms/costumes, equipment, recitals/rehearsals/performances dues that are separate from your service fee. Scholarships can not be used for thus payments. All invoices are itemized. 


Service fees do not pay for activities such as; Fancy parties, Tea party,  Unbirthday parties, Movie Night, Backyard Bash, Workshops and Events. Nor can it take the place of fundraisers.

Payment Policy 

Natural Talent Price Range $10-1250 for classes/program/sessions. Please contact for more information or to schedule an orientation. 

Registration, performance, merchandise, costume, equipment and dance wear packages are separate fees. Workshops, Camps, and Seasonal Sessions are available and are invoiced before services are provided.  Deposit/ Registration and or Payment arrangements must be made before participation. 

PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS PAYMENTS must be made on time in order for participants to continue activity.  


Payment Policy

Payments are paid before services are rendered. All fees need to be paid in full every month. Scheduled payment arrangements can be made with the Artistic Director and must be paid on time. Invoices will be rendered. Deposits are due on the first dance class. Payments are due each month or by the 5th of every month.  If payment is not paid in full by the 5th, a late fee of $20.00 will be added to that month’s payment.


Refund Policy 

All class deposits, memberships, merchandise & events sales are final,  Natural Talent LLC does not offer any money-back guarantees. You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances. 



We cannot guarantee you will like or be physically fit to participate in all classes. Orientation is offered to help accommodate this and to give clarification to individuals into a good class fit, however if you believe that a class session is not a good fit, you must request an exchange of class with the Artistic Director. 


Eligibility for Exchanges of Class 

We offer an exchange of class within the first 3 days of class participation, if 3 days have passed since your participation , you will not be offered an exchange of any kind.


Your request must be made with the Artistic Director within the first three days of the class. Documentation is required. 


Fill out an Exchange of Class request form. Documentation must be fully completed. Signature from the class instructor is required.


Turn the completed form into the Artistic Director office receiving box. Your request will be answered within 2 business days. You will be notified by email that your request has been received.  We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your exchange. 


If in the event that the class is scheduled before you have received your request please continue to attend the class until your request has been answered. 


If your request is rejected you will receive Natural Talent vouchers for private lessons in which must be scheduled. Failure to complete scheduled classes with a voucher will not be guaranteed any additional exchanges. The voucher amount will dissipate after the scheduled session. 


If you have not started or participated in any classes after 4 days of your scheduled classes but have paid for services. We will attempt to contact you by phone, text, and email. 


We will offer you an exchange of class sessions and reschedule your start date. 


If in the event we are unable to reach you within 2 weeks, your service fee will be exchanged into Natural Talent class vouchers to be used for scheduled private lessons and or drop in classes.  Receipt or proof of purchase is required. The voucher amount will dissipate after any scheduled or participating session. 

Membership Fee

$100.00 membership fee per year

Gain access to members only; open studio classes, social media, online choreography videos, events and raffles. Early access and or discounted tickets to workshops, events and special classes.  *Must present membership card and purchase tickets at the studio to receive any discounts.*

  • Waived Registration Fee when registering with upfront payment.

  • ½ Off Open Studio session

  • Up to $5 discount on workshops, events and drop in classes (admission for one only) Check the studio for more information.

Registration Fee:

$50 registration payment is charged per program/class.

Performance Fees: 

Recital/Review Dance performance 

Fee will include one parent ticket and one picture of the dance student in one uniform. Additional tickets can be purchased. Price, when and where to purchase tickets will be announced 1 month before the recital. 


Other Performance fees: Event and other performance fees will be announced some performances do not have fee’s other outside fees are determined by the event holder. Usually, performers do not pay, however in case of fees you will be notified as soon as possible.  


An additional $20.00 monthly payment is required for all dancers who are competitive. This fee includes a 60-minute technique class that meets once every 2 weeks to work on acrobatic skills. All Competition Team members will pay a $200 deposit that will be used towards competition expenses (such as competition entry fees). 


Payment Agreement 


Understand that no make-up class is permitted for classes my child misses. Also understand that all fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable to another dancer. The parent or guardian is responsible for notifying, in writing,  Natural Talent LLC of any change to the credit card or checking account. 


The NSF fee for returned checks is $35. There is a $35 fee for declined credit cards. Should this provision have to be enforced by legal means, the undersigned person(s) is responsible for payment, as liquidated damages, the costs of collection, plus interest at the legal rate and reasonable attorney’s fees as determined by the Court or 15% of the amount collected failing such determination. 


All sales are Final. Written notification or email ( must be given to  Natural Talent LLC business office 30 days prior to next month's billing date. Once notified, we will deactivate or adjust your account. You will not receive a refund for paid classes that you did not attend. If you discontinue in the middle of the month, you will still owe the entire month's tuition.

Amount owed will be agreed upon and documented in orientation. Please contact Ms. Harrold to schedule an orientation. 


Payment Plan Examples; 

Membership $100.00-Owed before or on first class.

Registration $50.00-Owed before or on first class.

Seasonal Course $550.00


26 Classes 13  Weeks 2 Classes Per Week 

Weekly $45.00

Bi-Weekly $90.00

3 Payments $185

2 Payments $275

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