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Natural Talent LLC


It is the vision that Natural Talent will be a supportive collaborative community space for Artistic Minds. Bring together the artist community through networking, partnership, and collaborations. In which develops, strengthens, and establishes the presence of the fine and performing arts foundational approach and understanding within our community.



To provide a safe space for people of all ages to explore dance and art. Allowing artistic minds to develop the natural talent within. Promoting and Advocating the fine and performing arts while developing the fundamental understandings and the creations within the arts for the enrichments of; experience, knowledge, preservation, inclusion and diversity.


It is the mission of Natural Talent that we protect, enhance and foster the young artist minds into becoming solid extraordinary leaders, creators and thinkers for future generations to come.

Natural Talent will be mindful while providing an outlet for creativity by leaving space for the mental benefits within the arts as it relates to self-awareness, social-emotional growth and physical health.


Enrich your life within the fine and performing arts at Natural Talent with program sessions that have a differential approach to life skills while developing your artistic skills. N.T. helps develop and train your mind and body through fine arts, music and dance with social emotional growth and trauma informed care practices. 


Natural Talent offers; yoga, pilates, youth cross fit training, core strengthening, technique & flexibility advancement sessions. In dance; contemporary, ballet, hip hop, krump, jazz, modern, HBCU style majorette classes, and more with collaborations of guest artists of other dance Art and Instrumentation practices. N.T. practices mindfulness through the fine arts of painting, drawing, crafting, creative writing, music and meditation. To help you obtain your extraordinary self. 


Natural Talent has youth programs and classes starting at age 3 years old. N.T. accepts financial assistance programming. We offer payment plans and limited scholarships for our programs.


Want to brush up on some Artistic skills? Natural Talent LLC offers art-workshops, training and special events. Looking for a space to share your creations? N.T. exhibit art seasonally, contact us for more information.


Join us for our Community Social Gathering of; Art Exhibitions, Art Workshops, Open Dance & Training Sessions, Music Jam Sessions, Youth Tea and Craft Parties. Need an Event Space? Come celebrate with us! Natural Talent LLC offers custom event rental packages.

Benefits of Dance Education

Natural Talent uses dance as a form of artistic expression that also offers myriad exercise benefits with aerobic exercise, conditioning, presentation/participation, and competitive explorations. Encouraging individuals to be physically active aids in the development of various positive psychological and physical attributes.


Involvement in dance enhances both physical and psychological well-being. Regular exercise reduces cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, and elevated blood lipids.  Exercise has been related to improved psychological functioning, reduction of depression, and improvement in self-esteem, body image, and perceptions of control. Building youth self confidence, self-expression achievements in a constructive manner. Creating a sense of belonging and connectedness with dance exploration. Dance also provides a means of expressing feelings and emotions.  It is an outlet for youth that gives them confidence….improve their concentration…. memorization skills….within a structured discipline.

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Education Values 


In classes students will explore and develop control, space awareness, variations in speed direction, orientation, pathway and relationship with props and equipment (objects) within dance training and performances.


During technique and choreography sessions in class, students will push their body limitations while building and surpassing the fundamental motor skills, using static and dynamic balance skills in a rhythmic sequence.


In (Yoga, Pilates, Flex and Strength) classes students will also learn the importance of cross fit and resistance training as it relates to dance conditioning.


Through Natural Talent curricula and class participation students will become established and will apply learned tactics to participate successfully in training exercises, stretching and strengthening to better equip the body for movement within dance.


Students will understand elements and technique vocabulary with the ability to describe and demonstrate movement qualities based on the characteristics of the dance piece and or task by dancing technique through exploration of body, space, effort and relationship.


Students will experience physically understanding pathways, directions and levels, and be able to distinguish between degree of effort, force and rhythmic speed within general and personal space. 

Students will be able to identify what critical elements are needed and how to perform successfully.


Students will use Natural Talent FITT (frequency, Intensity, time, and type) fitness plan that will help students identify dancers current needs and dance goals by tracking the participation and progression in daily physical activity, thus helping students make healthy nutritional choices using concepts and strategies learned.


Through planning, participation, training, conditioning and utilizing dance as an activity with many levels of intensities and rates of perceived exertion students will be able to recognize and identify pacing, major muscles used in activities thus understanding their body conditions limitations and how to improve their muscular strength, balance, flexibility and endurance capabilities.


Through the curricula routines and accountability activities Natural Talent students make mindful conscious and ethical decisions including when following rules, procedures and making etiquette adjustments. N.T. students learn to work cooperatively with peers during combo class (mixed ages and skill levels,  high level students learn to demonstrate self-directions and effort in individual small and large group activities while helping peers with less skills.


Natural Talent students are held to a high standard and a code of conduct. Students are taught to be considerate to others, offer positive suggestions or constructive feedback while working cooperatively with teammates in problem solving activities.  Be understanding and respectful. Demonstrate following rules and safe practices and engage in activities with integrity and pose.


Dancers will connect kinesthetic awareness and dance with individual choice and personal cultural identity by performing and learning traditional cultural dances of different ethnic groups. Will recognize dance as a physical activity that has passion and enjoyment as positive health benefits while charting dance technique goals.  Will learn the contributions of dance to a healthy body and emotional intellectual health with meditation.  Make connections between physical activity that results from participation emotional and intellectual. Become construct and solve problems of personal relevance and interest when expressing themselves through dance while learning how to create choreography.


Dancers will identify health benefits from different dimensions physical, emotional, intellectual from participation and knowledge gained in physical activity with the feelings of accomplishments, success, being challenged and the reward or progress etc..  that comes with learning, developing new skills and engaging in positive social interaction and social benefits when participating and performing in community events. 

The impact on the body of regular participation is moderate to vigorous activity.


Analyze connections between dance and intellectual health positive effects on physical health and brain function.  Self expression Creating choreography and improvisation and creation on new brain wave paths. Critical and creative Thinking applying artistic and reasoning skills to imagine, create, realize and refine dances in conventional and innovative ways through creative movement classes.


Research and identify option ways of participation through the various styles and genres of dance and fitness training available. Authentic application and collaboration working individually, in groups to focus ideas. Perform dances to address genuine local and global community needs, develop physical literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.


Dancers are required to chart “Physical Goals of Dance” Has learned the skills necessary to participate in a variety of physical activities. Knows the implications and benefits of involvement in various types of physical activities. Participate regularly in physical activities. Values physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle within Dance Cognitive Creative Learning Process. Listen Observe move attend to discriminate create compose improve use & mater skills make connections reconsider question self-assessment Is physically fit. Any health concerns must be documented and cleared by doctor note for participation


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