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Private Music Lessons

Artistically, music plays an important role throughout our lives, with the biggest impact accruing to those who actively participate in making music. The benefits and motives for all music participation include positive emotional, social, physical, health, intellectual, creative, and spiritual outcomes. 

Playing an instrument is reported to provide a sense of achievement and confidence, and is also perceived as a means of communication. Group music making with peers deepens musical knowledge and understanding, and develops social and personal skills, resulting in considerable personal satisfaction and enhanced confidence. Youth responses to music have shown physiological, behavioral, and concentration changes. Natural Talent has teamed up with passionate professional instructors wishing to share their artistry to develop youth musical skills within private and group lessons. Giving our community access to an extraordinary musical experience.

Instrumentation Lessons, private or group lessons are offered to adults and youth wishing to learn or improve their skills on percussion, wood wind, brass, and string instrumentation. Please check the studio for available classes and list of private instructors. Instruments are not provided.

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